I want your story to be meaningful to you. We start with a draft, the content needs to come from your heart. Every couple’s story is different, but yours is especially unique to me. When you choose to be photographed by me, I choose to be invested in how you are feeling during your beautiful moment. Photography is most stunning when those being photographed present with their authentic and raw emotion. This is the way your story should be captured.

My art form is focused on those candid and intimate instances in order to captivate the emotion on your wedding day. I do not aspire to create something that could be found on a Pinterest board because these moments are someone else’s, not yours. I strive to capture the intimacy embedded in love struck puppy eyes, a soft caress, or unexpected kisses; the signs of unconditional love that you will exude on your wedding day.

Conservative or non-traditional wedding. In a church or on top of the Dolomites. 400 guests or 10. Whatever your heart desires, go for it. And wherever it is that your hearts may lead you, allow me to capture this part of the journey. I’ve never been one to persuade a rebelling heart otherwise and that’s the beauty of love.

As overwhelmed as you may feel in the other tasks that surround your wedding, I will not let you feel stranded here. I have enough experience in this industry to ensure that you will have an amazing experience. My work does not limit itself to just a click of a button. I will be there to make sure you feel and look breathtaking, to hold your Jimmy Choo while you dance the night away under the moonlight, all of this while making sure that you are recieving the space you need for those beautiful moments alone with the love of your life.

With that all said. Let’s create something incredible and memorable together!